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Guest Blogger - Jacklyn Wilferd

We'd like to share a terrific post by our guest blogger, Jacklyn Wilferd, who shares her vast knowledge and findings about sweet wines in California. Thank you Jackie!

The New World of California Sweet Wines - Section 1: Sweet Sipping Wines

California vineyards thrive in micro climates that produce an amazing array of luscious winegrapes of all descriptions. In the hands of skilled California winemakers, these lucky grapes are destined to be transformed into some of the best wines made anywhere on the planet, including some of the world’s best sweet wines!

The fashion for decades among so-called sophisticated wine drinkers has been to shun sweet wines or, at least, to deny enjoying them! There has  been some justification for this in that many of the sweet wines of the past have been less than stellar in quality. Finally, all that is changing.

Anti-sweet-wine snobbery is swiftly disappearing and exciting new quality sweet wines are emerging on the market as winemakers experiment with new fermentation techniques, blends and infusions unheard of just a few years ago. New groups of wine consumers now have an opportunity to enjoy the amazing taste of perfectly balanced, perfectly flavorful, sweet juice of the vine. Likewise, California winemakers are expanding their production in response to the upsurge in demand for well-made, high-quality sweet wines.

Here is an overview of some of the finest sweet wines of California, along with tips on selecting the best wines for the occasion. Whether you are sending a special personal gift, hosting a party, organizing a big event or just looking to serve yourself, your family and friends, we’ll help you find a wonderful “California Delicious” sweet wine.

Sweet Sipping Wines

Most of us can’t afford to spend all day at the beach or the golf course, but who doesn’t love spending time outdoors soaking up the sunshine -- ideally with a nice glass of wine close by. For these moments when we can simply relax outdoors or indoors, a sweet sipping wine that will not incapacitate is just the ticket.

Sipping wines are equally enjoyable autumn and winter, relaxing by a crackling fireplace, as they are lounging around a pool or just sitting in the backyard patio in summer.

Our ideal sipping wines are balanced and smooth. They are light-bodied or medium-bodied, refreshing and have a relatively low amount of alcohol. They are not as sweet as “dessert wines” but are thirst-quenching and easy drinking, almost like a light mint tea or a spritzer with a sprig of fresh mint.

Sipping wines also make excellent light party wines and are a good base for wine cocktails and wine sorbets.

Finally, sweet wines in this category also make delightful gifts for anyone who dislikes the mouth-puckering effect of tannins.  We all have friends or relatives who avoid wine for just this reason. With these sweet wines, there is no trace of sour tannins… they are pure, pleasing sips of paradise.

May we suggest these…
Sweet Sipping Wines:

Jeff Runquist Wines - 2016 Muscat Canelli, River Junction
Reg price $18.50

Made with Muscat Canelli grapes from the River Junction Appellation in San Joaquin and Stanislaus Counties. The wine has just five and a half percent alcohol compared to an average of twelve percent or more in most wine. Keeping the alcohol content low allows the bright refreshing nature of the Muscat grape to shine through with just a touch of natural carbonation.

n  Gold - Dan Berger's 2017 International Wine Competition

n  Gold - 2017 Pacific Rim International Wine Competition

n  Best of Class – 2017 Jerry D Mead New World International Wine Competition


 QUADY – Red Electra 2016 750ML
 $14.00 btl/$12.50 case

Red Electra is garnet red, with tastes of succulent cherry, berry, and peach. It has a slight sparkle.  Red Electra is made from combining sweet Orange and Black Muscat grapes They are fermented very slowly at a low temperature to keep their delicious grape flavors. At only 5.5% alcohol, Red Electra is a perfect wine to serve at parties or by itself. It pairs easily with cheeses, sweets, truffles, cookies, chocolate, or fruit.  It makes a delectable sorbet or sangria: just add seasonal fruit and, if you like, sparkling water.  Delicious award-winning wine.

n  Double Gold Medal - SF Chronicle Wine Competition, 2017

n  89 Points, Best Buy - Wine Enthusiast Magazine, 2016

n  Gold Medal - Riverside County Farmers

n  Silver Medal- Tasters Guild "Wine Lover"


QUADY – Electra 2015 750ML 
$14.00 btl/$12.50 case

Electra is the lightest possible sweet sipping wine we can imagine with only 4% alcohol and a slight spritz.  Electra  is made 100% from the sweet Orange Muscat grape. Light and delicate with a refreshing taste of peach and melon and a floral bouquet. Electra pairs beautifully with spicy appetizers, salads, pastas, sweets, fruits, cheeses and desserts.  We find it delicious all by itself.

n  90 Points, Best Buy - Wine Enthusiast Magazine, 2016

n  Gold Medal - Amenti del Vino

n  92 Points, Exceptional - World Wine Championship

n  Silver Medal - SF Chronicle Wine Competition, 2017

n  Silver Medal - Jerry Mead's New World International Wine Competition


South Coast Winery ]2015 MUSCAT CANELLI   

This Muscat Canelli wine gives the true taste of the grape with loads of spicy, tropical fruit and a sweet round finish. This 2015 vintage is sweet yet very nicely balanced with crisp acidity and moderate alcohol. Light citrus aromas are enhanced with the spicy fruit character. Known for its uniquely spicy and aromatic “grape” character, Muscat Canelli is one of the oldest cultivated grape varieties -- dating back to the ancient Greeks. Enjoy this little slice of heaven in a glass any time.

Varietal:Muscat Canelli


Type:Light/Sweet White Wine

Alcohol %:11.5



Residual Sugar:3.90g/100mL


n  2016 Wine Competition Results

n  95 - Best of Class Region Gold, California Golden State Wine Competition

n  Gold - 2016 Los Angeles International

2015 Wine Competition Results

n  Best of Class Gold, Los Angeles International

n  Gold - California State Fair

n  Silver - Riverside International

n  Bronze - Orange County Fair


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