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Gift Baskets featuring California Cheese

What makes our cheese gift baskets stand out? Our buyers comb the state to find the most delectable cheeses made in California. We partner with the finest cheese producers to insure that our meat and cheese gift baskets, our wine and cheese gift baskets and our fruit and cheese baskets deliver the perfect California experience. Scroll down to learn more about our partners and the gifts featuring their products.

Bellwether Farms logo

Bellwether Farms 

Founded in 1986, Bellwether Farms was California’s one and only sheep dairy until 2004. The milk for Bellwether cheeses is produced by their own sheep and creates award-winning sheep and cow's milk cheeses including Créme Fraîche, Fromage Blanc, Crescenza, Carmody and Ricotta. Family owned and operated, Bellwether Farms is located in Sonoma County, California only a few miles from the Pacific Ocean and roughly an hour north of San Francisco. Bellwether Farm cheeses are used by chefs in many of the finest restaurants across the country, and are regularly featured in The New York Times, Martha Stewart, Sunset Magazine, and gourmet food publications everywhere. We are proud to feature some of these wonderful California cheeses in our Classic California Cheese Picnic Gift Basket.  Click Here to visit Bellwether Farms Facebook page.


Cypress Grove Chevre logo


Cypress Grove Chevre

Cypress Grove Chevre was founded in 1983 by Mary Keehn in Arcata, California and is now one of America's best known artisan goat cheese companies and makers of the iconic "Humboldt Fog." After chasing some goats in her backyard, Mary also secured a healthy source of milk. Then, she started experimenting with cheese-making in her kitchen, and in 1983, with a regular customer base already developing; she officially founded Cypress Grove Chevre. At the time, commercial goat cheese production was virtually unheard of in the US. Mary, along with a handful of other goat cheese makers, began to spearhead the movement. Cypress Grove produce a variety of fresh goat milk cheeses, including their award-winning fresh Purple Haze and Fromage Blanc; ripened cheeses including top-selling Humboldt Fog and a new classic, Truffle Tremor; and firm cheeses including Midnight Moon and Lamb Chopper, a sheep milk cheese.Their website is a wonderful resource with detailed recipes, pairing suggestions and care instructions for every cheese they produce. You can find their award-winning Purple Haze in our delicious Classic California Cheese Picnic Gift Basket.



Fiscalini Cheese logo

Fiscalini Cheese

The Fiscalini dairy farm in Modesto, California was founded in 1912 by John Fiscalini's grandfather. The Fiscalini’s can trace their cheese-making and dairying traditions back to their Their Swiss ancestors from 1705. The Fiscalini dairy farm is still family-owned and managed; 93 year old Marie Fiscalini is a business partner and still lives on the property. Currently the family owns and manages 530 acres and milks 1500 cows. The Fiscalini's are famous for their Clothbound Cheddar, which has won numerous awards including “Best Cheddar in the World 2007” at the World Cheese Awards in the UK. They also produce San Joaquin Gold, Lionza, Mozzarella and Purple Moon. You can find the delicious Purple Moon in our Classic California Cheese Picnic  gift basket.



Sierra Nevada Cheese logo

Sierra Nevada Cheese Company

Sierra Nevada Cheese Company was founded in 1997 by Ben Gregersen and John Dundon. They discovered a common interest in making the best quality artisan cheeses using traditional methods, while working at the Gregersen’s family creamery, Foothill Home Dairy, a Sacramento landmark for over 40 years. Now in Willows, California, Sierra Nevada Cheese Company produces a wide selection of Handcrafted Cream Cheese, Natural & Organic Cows' milk cheeses, Single-farm Goats' milk cheeses, Goat Yogurts, Organic vat-cultured European-style Butter, and more. Their cream cheese process exemplifies the artisan nature of their handcrafted methods. Rich flavor originates from vat-cultured milk, cream, and sea salt. In an age of industrialized manufacturing, their pure ingredients and simple processing provide your family with the wholesome goodness of authentic, farmhouse-style dairy foods. Sierra Nevada’s creamy jack cheese can be found in our popular Classic California Cheese Picnic Gift Basket.


Sonoma Creamery logo

Sonoma Creamery

In the heart of California’s Wine Country, the famous Sonoma Cheese Factory or Sonoma Creamery sits on the picturesque and historic Sonoma Plaza. Visitors come from near and far to savor their dazzling selection of mouthwatering cheeses. Whether you are relaxing with a glass of wine after work or sharing stories over a meal, you will enjoy their sumptuous flavor offerings including Mediterranean, Pesto Jack, Garlic Jack, Habanero and Hot Pepper Jack. They share a unique taste that is perfect for both entertaining and cooking. California Delicious is honored to offer Sonoma Jack cheese in many of our baskets including California Farmstand FreshCalifornia Sonoma Jack Cheese Gift Basket and Golden Hills Gourmet gift box.