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California Chocolate

California Chocolate

California is home to some of the finest chocolates in the world.  Our lucky buyers roam the state tasting chocolates to insure that our chocolate gift baskets and our wine and chocolate gift baskets provide the ultimate California taste experience. Scroll down to learn more about our outstanding partners.

Elaine's Toffee logo

Elaine's Toffee

Over forty years ago, Elaine and her husband started making English Toffee from a handed-down recipe. They gave it to friends and family as gifts for holidays, housewarmings, birthdays, hostess gifts and other special occasions. Through the years, the list of people who requested their toffee grew and grew. Eventually Elaine and her husband taught their three daughters how to make it. Their friends would say, "This stuff is fantastic, you've just got to sell it! So, forty plus years later, they are still bringing this great toffee to you, made from the finest ingredients. Their company name is "Elaine's Toffee Co." as a tribute to their mom. They hope you enjoy it as much as their friends and family do! You can find these delicious toffees in our California Elegance Wine and Chocolate Tower & Gift Basket.



Ghirardelli logo

Ghirardelli Chocolate Company 

Ghirardelli has the richest heritage of any American chocolate company; it was incorporated in 1852 and has been in continuous operation since then. When news spread of the Gold Strike in Sutter Mill’s, Domingo Ghirardelli quickly moved to California and opened his first store in Stockton where his customers were exhausted miners who craved a sweet and delicious treat after a long day. Since then, Ghirardelli Chocolate Company continues to manufacture premium chocolate delicacies in the spirit and heritage of its founder. In 1965, San Francisco declared Ghirardelli Square (where many of the Ghirardelli buildings were constructed) an official city landmark. Ghirardelli is one of the few companies in America that controls the entire chocolate manufacturing process, from cocoa bean to finished product, all of which occurs here in California.  We have an entire line of delicious Ghirardelli chocolate gift baskets.


Helen Grace Chocolates

Helen Grace Chocolates

Since 1944, California-based Helen Grace Chocolates has used the finest ingredients in time-honored recipes to create decadent milk and dark chocolates. For her birthday gift in 1944, Helen Grace would have been satisfied with a box of chocolates; instead her husband bought her a chocolate shop. The store, a mere 15 feet wide, was located in San Pedro, California—then a thriving shipyard community bustling with wartime activity. Using copper kettles, caramels and toffees are slow-cooked in small batches to ensure that the dairy caramelizes perfectly for optimum flavor. At Helen Grace Chocolates, the family of employees continues to work with a passion for chocolate. It’s part of the same magic that began in Helen’s 15 ft. wide shop in San Pedro decades ago and a heritage they are committed to continue today. Try them today in our delicious Glorious Gloria Ferrer Sparkles and Gourmet gift basket.


Jer's logo

Jer's Chocolate

In 2001, Jerry Swain left his successful corporate career path to turn his special recipe for peanut butter and chocolate confections into a business venture. With encouragement from family, friends and chocolate lovers everywhere, Swain has created a niche in the gourmet chocolate industry that is continuously evolving and innovating new products and concepts. In creating irresistibly delicious, handcrafted confections, Jer’s Chocolates strives to offer all-natural products using the highest quality ingredients with the absolute best taste. His business also has socially conscious side: “My confections started as a gift, and that tradition continues as we give back to our community, taking a very proactive role in working with non-profit organizations and charitable events.” The San Diego-based company proudly uses all natural peanut butter and gourmet milk and dark chocolate, along with blends of rice crisp, pretzel, toffee, and caramel. Try these delicious chocolates in our Grandly Gourmet Gift Basket.


John Kelly Chocolate logo

 John Kelly Chocolates

John Kelly Chocolates are handmade and each piece is wrapped with care in their factory in the heart of Hollywood, California. Using only the highest-quality all-natural ingredients, the final result is the most delicious fudge you can find anywhere! The John Kelly Chocolate mission is for everyone to have the same experience as their founders and employees did when they first tasted it – a creamy and silky revelation, with intense and luxurious chocolate flavor. Experience the delicious John Kelly Chocolates in our Sweet Beringer Wine Gift Basket.


LeGrand logo

LeGrand Confectionary

In the early 80′s, the widespread quest for quality chocolates was just beginning. Being a lover of exceptional chocolates, Jack Shaw joined the pursuit and began testing and creating small-batch artisan truffles in California. His chocolate adventure inspired the beginning of LeGrand Confectionary in Sacramento, California. Jack's quest to create the perfect confection resulted in his line of classic truffles, including 25 year-round varieties and specialty seasonal truffles that blend premium chocolate with the flavors of the season. LeGrand’s distinctive dome-shaped truffles include traditional truffle ingredients like those made in Paris; dairy cream, real butter, quality chocolate and the finest flavorings and liquors. LeGrand’s classic truffles are artfully hand-decorated by their in-house chocolatiers. Our favorite gifts with these items include The Grandly Gourmet Gift Basket and Sweets of California gift basket.


Marich logo

Marich Confectionery

Marich Confectionery is a California-based manfactuer of fine chocolates and candies. It was founded in 1983 by Marinus van Dam, a Dutch immigrant whose goal was to combine the European tradition of artisan chocolate craftsmanship to with the highest quality ingredients from California. He learned every technique of candy making and mastered the art of fine hand-made chocolate,  jellies, caramel, taffy, nougat, gum, mints, licorice and more. The Marich team of chocolatiers is dedicated to making fine chocolates and the vast majority of their materials are sourced within 700 miles of their facility in California. All sugars and starches hail from the Bay Area 75 miles away; Almonds, Pistachios, Raisins from California’s Central Valley within 150 miles; Walnuts are premium light Chandlers from right here in Hollister. Cherries, Blueberries and other fruits from West Coast suppliers from LA to Portland and all milk and dairy products are from California dairies within 150 miles. Marich Confectionery is the definition of a true California company. You can find these delicious chocolates in our California Grand Gourmet gift basket.


TCHO logo


TCHO (pronounced 'choh!'(the 't' is silent).What happens when you put the founders of Wired Magazine, a NASA Shuttle Contractor, and a 40 year Chocolate Industry veteran in the same room? You get TCHO- The New American Chocolate!Based on San Francisco’s waterfront, this company refuses to buy its beans from countries that harvest them with slave labor, insisting rather on 'ethical sourcing' that helps enable Third World farmers to become premium producers based on the principles of Fair Trade.With so many flavors to choose from, it may surprise you there are no nuts in the 'Nutty,' bar or fruit in 'Fruity' bar or lemon in the 'Citrus' bar. TCHO chocolate flavors are the pure flavors of cacao.Other than their strong natural flavors, the strikingly designed packaging is also grabbing people’s attention. They have won several international design awards for their packaging, including a gold medal from the European Design Awards and from the Academy of Chocolate. Coming soon to California Delicious Gift Baskets.