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Give a Gift, Get a Gift FAQs

The following are many of the most common questions and answers to the 'Give a Gift, Get a Gift' offer:



What is just expanded to the U.S. from the U.K. and is based in the Napa Valley.  They have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, The San Francisco Chronicle and numerous other publications.
When will I get my wine voucher? You will receive your gift card in 7-10 business days after we receive your order. It wil be sent via the U.S. Mail
 Does the gift card expire? There is no expiration on the card but my guess is you will want to use it asap to get some of the great wines at
I have gone to the site and am having problems using the card. What should I do? Our friends at will be happy to help you. Contact them at 1-800-673-4718
I don't drink wine can I give my card to someone else?  Absolutely- just make sure they are 21 years of age.
For residents of MA,MO,VA,WV,TX,HI,NC or VT
There are lots of different rules and regulations on the state level that make it hard to offer such a great deal with out complications. If you live in one of these states, call our friends at at 1-800-673-4718 with your gift card in hand and they will make a deal with you to use your gift card in a way that is legal in your state.
Does the wine voucher cover shipping? Yes it does
Am I able to use more than one gift card? Using the gift card is a one time opportunity. If you have more than one gift card share it with a friend!
For residents of AL,AR,DE,IN,KY,MI,MS,OK,PA,RI,SD,UT Unfortunately your state doesn't let you receive shipments of wine. If you've got a gift card, think about sending it to a friend out of state and then go visit them.