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California has been at the center of the food revolution for generations so it is no surprise that some of the finest producersof gourmet food products call the Golden State home. Our buyers scour the state to find the finest nuts, dried fruits, meats and gourmet goods from regional producers to insure that our gourmet gift baskets deliver the ultimate California experience. Scroll down and learn more about some of our outstanding partners.

Columbus Salami logo

Columbus Salame

Columbus Salumeria: Inspired in Italy. Founded in San Francisco, California. When their founders arrived from Italy in 1917, they brought a slice of Italy with them. With authentic Italian recipes and mastery of salame-making in hand, they began crafting and selling their Old World artisan salame in San Francisco, long before artisan was known as such. Today, Columbus Salame is one of the most renowned producers of fine foods in the United States. In addition to authentic, 100% pork salame, they manufacture premium-quality deli meats from the finest whole cuts of turkey, ham, beef, and chicken. You can taste tradition in every bite. We are proud to feature delicious Columbus Salame in several gifts baskets such as our  Great Crate of California Wine & Gourmet and California Poppy Red Wine Classic Gift Tower.



Gils Gourmet logo

Gil's Gourmet

Gil's Gourmet is a family business that uses local Californian ingredients to produce high-quality gourmet foods sold nationwide. As the popularity of spicy foods increased, Gil Tortolani opened up Gil’s Gourmet Gallery and Hot Shop on historic Cannery Row in Monterey, California. The business quickly evolved into a combination Hot Shop/Wine Tasting Room, where customers could try adventurous hot food and wine pairings. “We started stuffing jalapeños and olives and soaking them in Chardonnay, and letting people taste them with the wine. This did so well that we started making other products, like wine-soaked cherries in chocolate for instance. We put heavy red zinfandel in salsa and we started having tastings. People loved it.” Gil’s Gourmet Gallery is firmly in the Central Coast community and proudly supports local farmers and businesses.  Try Gil's Gourmet products in our Oil Olive and Fig Balsamic Set.


Krave Jerky Logo

Krave Jerky

Based in California’s wine country, KRAVE imbues its products with the reverence for quality – from ingredients to process to packaging – expected of the world-class wine produced in neighboring Sonoma vineyards. Packed with protein and bursting with tasty flavors like Beef Chili Lime, Sweet Chipotle, Smoky Grilled Pork Teriyaki, Beef Curry and Lemon Garlic Turkey, Wine Country’s own Krave Jerky is everything you love about dried meat — and a whole lot less. Using super lean cuts of pork, beef and turkey, Jon Sebastiani (yes, the wine family) and pal Jens Hoj (who’s spent plenty of time in high-end kitchens) are the guys behind this new alterna-energy snack, as well as their own target market. “We’re reintroducing jerky,” said Sebastiani, a runner who wanted a tasty convenience food that was high in protein. Devoid of any nitrates, MSG or artificial flavors, all-natural KRAVE jerky has an elevated conscience. You can find Krave Jerky in our Bear Republic and Snack Attack gift basket. 


Nunes Farm logo

Nunes Farms

The Nunes family ranch is located in California’s Central Valley and the family has been in the farming business for generations. In 1984, Nunes Farms Marketing was established to market products directly to consumers. Initial packaging was met with tremendous success and requests poured in from across the country for new varieties of specialty almonds and confections. Nunes Farms now offers a truly unique line of delicious seasoned almonds, healthy snack mixes and decadent candies, including: Chocolate Dipped Almonds, Almond Caramel Chews, English Toffee and more! These delicious offerings can be found in specialty food stores or Nunes Farms can ship directly to your doorstep. For fresh, healthy snacks or mouth-watering gifts, Nunes Farm's almonds are the ideal choice. Our most delicious gifts with these items include California Healthy Fruit & Nut Collection, Nuts for You and Hearty Wine and Gourmet gift basket.




Santa Barbara Olive logo

Santa Barbara Olive Company 

California commercial olive farming first took root in 1851 when John Emile Goux planted an olive orchard in Santa Barbara County. Over 150 years later, Mr. Goux's Great, Great Grandson Craig Makela and his wife, Cindy founded Santa Barbara Olive Co. and harvest more than 5,000 olive trees on the beautiful coast of Santa Barbara County. Santa Barbara Olive Co. now boasts more specialty olives than any other olive company.The attention paid to each olive throughout its harvest assures the high-quality; their olive selection process demands that each olive is perfect in shape, color and size and they use only the top 10% of any particular orchard at any time. You can find these delicious olives in our Classic California Cheese Picnic gift basket.


Sierra Nut house logo

Sierra Nut House

LOCAL & PROUD OF IT! Sierra Nut House first opened its doors in autumn of 1969 on the family almond ranch in Clovis, California and has been providing the best of California Central Valley dried fruits, nuts, candy and healthy snacks for 43 years. In 1993, the staff were preparing French style five bean soup using a family recipe. Customers loved this soup so they gave them a mix of beans and a recipe to make this delicious soup at home. A customer said, “just put the mix in a bag, spices and all so it is easier, and I want your Mother's recipe for minestrone, also." That was the beginning of Sierra Soups. Their mission was to provide the cleanest, flavorful and easy product for a cook to make. They have two retail locations in Fresno, California and a great website with delicious recipes using their products and tips on eating healthily. You can find these delicious vegan and gluten free soups in our Natural Healing Get Well & Gift Box.


Torn Ranch logo

Torn Ranch

Torn Ranch, nestled between San Francisco and Napa Valley, is a manufacturer and purveyor of gourmet specialty foods. They handcraft the finest chocolates and baked goods and use the famous dried fruits and nuts from California’s lush, fertile valleys. For over 30 years, Torn Ranch has been providing only the best in premium quality gourmet foods and fine gifts. Their products are all-natural and made with only the freshest ingredients! Torn Ranch originated as a gourmet and specialty food retail store located in Marin County, renowned for its Jumbo Cashews. As a warm welcome, each customer would receive a jumbo cashew placed carefully into their hands. Today, Torn Ranch is a leader and guiding innovator in the gourmet food industry. They maintain an unparalleled commitment to the highest standard for product quality, gift design and customer service. Here are some delicious gift baskets that include these items, our Central Valley Fruit & Nut Sampler gift basket and California Gold Gourmet Gift Basket.