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Best Scenic Views in Berkeley

Best Scenic Views in Berkeley

Jan 24, 2018 | Berkeley | East Bay | A Taste Of | Hannah

Best Scenic Views in Berkeley

Grizzly Peak

Enjoy a panoramic view of the bay from a viewpoint at Tilden Park. Only well-known to locals, there are plenty of stops for you to climb out of your car and sit on a bench to gaze out into the city. There are plenty of hiking trails, friendly people, and nature. Escape the busy city to watch the sunset fall behind the Golden Gate Bridge with the fog rolling in through the city. Bring a friend, a dog, or a date to this stunning viewpoint.

Lake Anza, Tilden Park

Looking for a place to tan, lay on the beach, and go for a swim? Lake Anza is the perfect spot in the Bay Area to do that without going too far. It is hidden away in the Berkeley Mountains and is the

For a Scenic Drive: From Berkeley, go up Centennial Drive and pass by the Botanical Gardens, Lawrence Hall of Science, and the view of San Francisco. As you reach a stop sign, keep driving on Golf Course Rd. to pass Tilden Park Golf Course. Take a right on Shasta Rd., just past the golf course and take the next left on Wildcat Canyon Rd. You will see signs to Lake Anza, Merry-Go-Round, and Steam Train. There are plenty of nature/fun things to do right up the alley from Berkeley. With plenty of camp-sites, hiking trails, and picnic tables, it is a great place to go to with family and friends. Follow the signs to Lake Anza, and you will take a right on Lake Anza Rd.; just before the Merry-Go-Round.

You will be greeted by a huge parking lot with a field of grass with picnic tables and blankets. There will be a fee during the summer to enter onto the beach but anyone can go on a hike around the lake to see waterfalls, streams, and jump off rocks on the other side. Bring your dog for a swim or set up a hammock in the trees.

Indian Rock

Hidden away in the suburban neighborhoods of Berkeley, this large boulder is a sure attraction for the locals. A short climb up the rock-formed stairs will lead you to a picturesque view of the Bay Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge, and San Francisco. If you like to boulder, bring you pads and chalk and climb up!

Point Isabel

On a clear day you will see beautiful views of the Bay Bridge, Marin Country, and the Golden Gate Bridge. Point Isabel is a huge (23 acre) park best known for dog walkers taking their pups for an adventure. Or you'll find people jogging, strolling to the end of the poin for a view, taking pictures, watching the sunset, fishing or just having a picnic and relaxing next to the water. 

The Rose Garden

The Rose Garden is a unique place to be surrounded by beautiful flowers and roses with a view of the bay. Popular among tourists and locals, this garden is absolutely gorgeous during the spring time. It is a fun and a romantic place to visit for the sunset or on your way through Berkeley. In addition, peek over to the other side of the street to slide down a slide made of concrete!

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