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Best California Sparkling Wines

Best California Sparkling Wines

Oct 20, 2017 | Wine | California Delicious

Best California Sparkling Wines

It is universally understood that the pop of a bottle means the start of a celebration. 

Throughout winemaking history there has always been a fascination with sparkling wines, which are known for their effervescence due to high levels of carbon dioxide. Once scorned as 'the devil's wine' for its habit of seemingly spontaneous combustion, sparkling wine was perfected and popularized in the Champagne region of France by winemaking pioneers such as Veuve Clicquot and Dom Perignon.  

Though technically only those wines made in the eponymous French region are considered proper 'champagnes,' bubbly is produced around the globe and has come to be known as a symbol of sophistication, class, and celebration. The most notable region outside France (to little surprise) is California, which produces some of the finest sparkling wines in the world. Indeed, on a trip to Napa Valley or Sonoma County one can visit and taste wines from such legends as Gloria Ferrer, Schramsberg, Domaine Chandon, and Mumm.  Send someone a taste of California Sparkling Wine today and share the celebration!

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