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California Meat and Cheese Gift Basket


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Feel the warmth of California sunshine and golden breezes with this fabulous Meat and Cheese gift basket of gourmet delights shipped from the Golden State to you. FREE SHIPPING to California.


  • Merlot Cheddar Spread Gold, 3.5oz; 
  • 2- Original Beef Summer Sausage, 5oz; 
  • Garlic Beef Summer Sausage, 5oz; 
  • Napa Valley Hot N Sweet Mustard, 1.75oz; 
  • Brie Cheese Spread, 3.5oz; 
  • Dried Apricots, 4oz; 
  • Mixed Dried Fruit, 3oz; 
  • Dried Pears, 3oz; 
  • Nunes Farms Roasted Sea Salt Almonds, 3.5oz; 
  • Nunes Farms Roasted Salted Pistachios, 3oz; 
  • Bay Side Monterey Jack Cheese, 3.5oz
Our signature California Delicious box holds a tasty sampling of gourmet treats including California pistachios, dried apricots and fruit and nuts from the Central Valley, Monterey jack cheese, Brie and merlot cheddar cheese, Napa Valley mini mustard and three flavors of salami. Fabulous!
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